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Meet Lakisha

Lakisha is a Certified Life Coach (CPC) specializing in Life Planning. She is also an author and award winning educator with over 24 years of experience working with people.  She is the founder and CEO of a non-profit called The Christmas Experience, Inc. that serves needy children  She also founded Success My Way Academy, a mastermind course that moves people from their dreams to their destiny.  Every Saturday she goes live on her YouTube channel, "Success My Way Coaching w/Lakisha, discussing life topics and engaging with her Success Tribe.  Lakisha is a wife, and busy mom of four children.  Her expertise is in Life Planning, Personal Growth & Leadership Coaching.  She has been featured on the Forte People First Podcast and is an associate with One Sharpens Another Coaching. &Consulting


My 10 Life Coaching Principles 

Principle 1: Establish a Life Vision and Mission

Principle 2: Understand your uniqueness

Principle 3: Embracing change

Principle 4:  How to have the right expectations and boundaries about life

Principle 5: Learning is the key to lasting change

Principle 6: Develop your personal leadership.  We are all leaders

Principle 7: Stay present

Principle 8: Enhance Awareness of naysayers and other distractions

Principal 9: Unlock creativity

Principle 10: Pursue Excellence your way

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Lakisha is a masterful Life Coach who has provided a recipe for success in a way that is easily accessible to anyone willing to answer the call to greatness.  She offers tips and strategies that people can immediately apply to their own lives.

Working with Lakisha was one of the best decisions and personal investments I've ever made! She is warm and encouraging, while still pushing you to critically examine the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that may be inhibiting your success. Transformation can be so difficult without the right support mechanisms; Lakisha provided the structure and advice I needed to help me move forward and learn to celebrate my progress. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone who's ready to change their life for the better!

I would definitely encourage my family, friends, and anyone who would listen to take this course. Because we're never truly honest with ourselves and this course helps to uncover and improve those areas in your life that need improving.


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Lakisha is available to speak and direct your next event. Her expertise is a perfect addition to your next conference, staff meeting, or social event. You can choose from the broad list of topics or create your own fit your needs. 

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