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Meet Lakisha

Executive Coach & Certified Life Coach, CPC

Known as "Your Destiny Cheer Captain!", Lakisha Covert serves the community as an entrepreneur, author, educator, executive coach, and certified life coach.  She is an award winning educator and has mentored, coached, and served the community Nation-Wide for 25 years.  She taught for 11 years and was a principal for five years, successfully leading two schools in Prince George’s County Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia. Currently she serves as Deputy Chief at a non-profit organization. In 2014, she founded a non-profit called The Christmas Experience, Inc. The Christmas Experience, Inc. serves children and families in need during the holidays. For ten years, this non-profit has served hundreds of children and their families through partnerships organizations such as Target Stores,  Lifestyles of Southern MD, and Local Schools.  In addition to serving the community, she is also a best selling author of “Try Success, It Won’t Bite: How to Live Your Best Life Through 10 Principles of Self Excellence”.  This book was inspired by Lakisha’s love for life coaching others as a certified professional coach (CPC).  She is a Success Coach, who specializes in life planning, personal growth, and destiny fulfillment.  Since her book has been published, she has been featured on a number of podcasts and has spoken at various events virtually and in-person.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Leadership from the University of the Cumberlands and is slated to graduate in May 2023. In 2020 she founded Success My Way Academy,  a life coaching master mind course that moves people from their dreams to their destiny.  Her life’s mission is to serve others with all her heart, mind, and soul; spreading love and teaching destiny fulfillment through her life and actions.


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Lakisha had the greatest impact on my life. She was (and still is) genuinely encouraging me to pursue my goals. 

Lakisha is a masterful Life Coach who has
provided a recipe for success in a way that is easily accessible to anyone willing to answer the call to greatness.  She offers tips and strategies that people can immediately apply to their own lives.

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