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Possible Topics

Budget and Saving Tips and Techniques

Ready to get your coins in order?  Lakisha will provide you great money tools!

Overcoming Fear

5 key things you can do to turn fear on its head


Book Talks on Try Success It Won't Bite 

For groups having book studies, book clubs, and classes

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How to Beat Procrastination

Learn the secrets to overcoming this universal debilitator


Basics of the Science of Happiness

 Learn how happy people make their lives amazing, its a Science!


A Simple Way to Improve Your Life 

Calling all workshop and conference planners, this small activity will change your participant's lives


Discuss My Job As A Life Coach (Behind the Scenes)

How did I get into Life Coaching?  I can share what I did to expand my reach as a successful coach.


Inspiration and Motivation to be Excellent

I can share the 10 principles I developed that will help with self-excellence and motivate you to succeed!


How I Beat Diabetes 

I beat diabetes in 5 months.  What did I do?  I'd love to share!


Time Management 

Are you overwhelmed with things to do?  I can show you how to tame time and use it to your advantage

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