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Lakisha's Book

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Try Success, It Won't BITE!

Live Your Best Life Through 10 Principles of Self Excellence 

Try Success, It Won't Bite will help you discover your destiny in life using ten simple principles. Imagine being in a life-coaching session as the coach guides you through questions, planning, and practical activities that move you into your destiny. What if you could manifest the impossible, discover your purpose, and take key actions toward freedom and peace just by reaching this book?


If you want to confirm your destiny and discover your purpose this book is for you. If you are ready to commit to excellence in your life this book is also for you. Lakisha uses personal experience and her powerful motivation style to get you excited about the next level in your life. Through nine chapters plus a bonus chapter for you to use beyond the book, you will be and do what you were born to be and do on this earth. Pick up your copy today!

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