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5 Simple Meal Planning Tips

1. Keep it Simple

The best advice I have gotten around meal planning is to easy simple meals! Don’t try to be a gourmet chef (unless that’s your thing). Just eat easy, simple meals that have lots of veggies, meat, and/or low carbs/sugar etc. You will be more likely to meal plan consistently.

2. Check your Kitchen first

Most people sit down to meal plan before going to the grocery store. But they are actually missing a step. Before you sit down to meal plan, inventory your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets. You may already have the ingredients for those delicious meals!

3. One Meatless Meal a Week

I like meat in my diet. However, I also like this concept. Eating one meatless meal a week will increase your veggie intake and give you more fiber and energy. This is a case of losing meat to gain momentum in your meal planning!

4. Leftovers, Please

Take one of the meals you plan and make an extra amount. You can eat on the left overs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner the next day and still eat healthy but save some coins in the process!

5. The ABCs of Snacks

Lastly, snacking is an art and science. Stay away from junk food. Think protein, fiber, and fun. Snacks like mixed nuts, popcorn, and seeds are just a few of many.

Written by Lakisha Covert

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