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5 Ways to Set Transformational Goals

1) Analyze Your Life Categories

Many people do not know that their lives consists of areas. You have different life areas like Family, Intimacy, Health, and Career. Write all the areas of your life on paper and analyze on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with that particular area. This will let you know right away which areas need your attention and which areas are going well according to you.

2) Make a Goal for Each Category

Once you take a look at all the categories of your life. Then this is when you dig in. Find a quiet spot in your home or a corner in the coffee shop. Now you are going to take each life category and set a Transformational Goal. For example, in the area of Health, you may want to seek and hire a nutritionist by April 2022. This goal is transformational because if you hire a nutritionist you will have a partner in eating healthy which will transform your body in a healthy way. So create Transformational Goals for your life areas. You can then, if you'd like, find photos and pictures that represent those goals and make a visual Transformational Goals Board. The Law of Attraction is real.

3) Use Your Goals to Create Your Weekly Schedule

Next, take all of your goals and think about which goals you are going to focus on and in which weeks of the month. Loosely calendar your steps to reach your goals. To give you an example, say you have a goal to take a certification course. You look at the course information and find that it starts next month. You have 30 days to prepare. What steps will you take to reach your goal? Maybe you will pay the tuition, or read the syllabus, or purchase a journal just for the course. All three of these steps should be placed on a calendar.

4) Time Block Your Steps Into Your Schedule

Then, time block each day. Write down all the hours between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep. What do you plan to do in the morning, noon, or night? Write it down. This fits best in a planner with hour time stamps. You could also use regular paper, word, or excel. When you time block highlight where you are incorporating steps to your goals. Then execute on those goals. Even when your schedule is off. Doing this still helps you achieve your goals because you may not complete the steps exactly when you planned, but you are more likely to get it done if you block out time.

5) Reflect Weekly on Your Progress

Finally, once the week is complete, evaluate your progress towards your goals. Did you complete the steps you set out to complete? Did you complete them on the day and time that you planned? Did you forget or skip doing it this week? Why? Once you ask questions like this, you start the time blocking process again the following week, making adjustments as needed.

Written By Lakisha Covert

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