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5 Ways to Increase Energy and Boss Up

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

1) Natural Energy Wave

All of us have times of the day where we are most energetic. Some of us are night owls and some of us are morning risers. Try doing your most difficult tasks during the time when you naturally have the most energy. People should listen to their brains and bodies. If you are always tired after 5pm, try doing most of your thinking before 5pm.

2) Listen to Music or Motivational Content

Music not only soothes the soul, but it jumpstarts action. Have you ever tried to clean the house in silence? The atmosphere is calm. But if you turn on some music, then the atmosphere appears to come alive. That’s what will happen when you play your favorite music list as you work. Throw on that oldie but goodie and jam your way into productivity!

3) Play with a child, pet, or friend

Do you need some motivation to get that thing done? Try picking up your energy using the energy of another living thing! Play peek-a-boo with a baby or jump rope with your little person! Pets can boost your energy too. Run around the yard with your dog or play with your cat using a toy or yarn. FaceTime a friend for a good smile and laugh! Using the energy of other living things will bring you joy so use that as a tool to increase energy and keep momentum.

4) Take Vitamins and Drink Water Especially After Lunch

I discovered the best time to take vitamins during the day. That time is after lunch! Trust me. If you are a victim of the afternoon slump, then you know that concentrating and being high energy at the end of the day is hard. I say, try taking that B12 or Vitamin D vitamin after lunch. I like one- a-day vitamins as well. This will increase your mental energy and get you through the rest of the day!

5) Jumping Jacks and Stretches

Sometimes the body and mind needs an awakening! So use jumping jacks, stretches, yoga, jump rope, etc. to jolt your mind and body into motion. They say an object in motion, stays in motion. So create the motion by standing and stretching or standing and doing jumping jacks. It will fuel the dopamine in your system and you will literally feel the difference!

Written By Lakisha Covert

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