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Updated: May 15, 2022


We are still in a global pandemic, yet out of the need to survive, we have to go back to where we were pre-pandemic....WRONG. Our society is experiencing the pain of millions of people missing...gone. Chances are, you or someone you know has been adversely affected by this terrible fact. We haven't had a change to breath! We are now trying to get back to "life as normal" which means whatever you think it means. I am experiencing this life pain myself and it is causing me to take great effort in comforting myself through it all. I came across a new concept that intrigued me as a Life Coach. Recently I heard some people on social media saying they want to live a "SOFT LIFE". A soft life is a life without hardship, stress, or major worries. While that sounds so euphoric, it is not as simple as throwing away cares and simplifying life. If you come to the conclusion that you can live a soft life, then you may eventually become disappointed. I thought, well I don't really want a "SOFT LIFE", BUT I WANT A "STRONG LIFE". A strong life is one of balance. It includes the beauty of a soft life, but also includes the ability to triumph over obstacles and hurdles to get to what we all want and need...PEACE.

SO here are 5 secrets to living a STRONGER LIFE. Don't just read them, try them. Just practicing one of these secrets in your life on a regular basis will make a difference and bring more productivity, planning. and peace to you and the people who encounter you.


Your Job is not enough. Even if you love your job, chances are, the never ending cycle of going to work and coming home does not feel like a strong life. To figure out what you need in your life, meaning the things that will give you a sense of calm and peace, you must analyze it and write down the things that make you happy, sad, and angry. Read over them, then write down some things that you can do to fill in some needed gaps. Do you need more people interaction, more joyous activity, more hobbies or just more relaxation. Write those things down and if you can, talk to someone close to you or a certified professional about it. I am a certified Life Coach of 8 years. I can help you as well. Visit my website for more services and information on how I can help!


Girls are not the only ones that want to have fun...even though we are simply fun personified (I had to add that, I couldn't help it LOL). Seriously, when is the last time you just had pure, unadulterated fun? When is the last time you screamed and hollered out of pure joy and laughter? Remember that fun time and seek to replicate it. Why not? The pandemic should have you thinking that life is too short to be upset and angry all the time. I want you to make a promise to yourself to never let life suck the fun and joy out of you. Based on how you analyzed your life, what are the top 3 things you can do right now, today, to plan to add fun to your life? Is it planning a weekend getaway? Is it hopping in the car and driving without having a clue to where you are going? Is it simply having a self-love picnic with yourself? You could think of so many things. So start today preparing to make your life stronger by having some good, old-fashion fun!

"Reclaim your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and have some fun. Don’t take every moment of your life so seriously. Allow yourself to enjoy life."-Akiroq Brost.


My Pastor said that Community is next to Godliness because God is community, he is himself 3 persons...a community. When I heard this I was floored. I never though of God as community himself. If we are children of God, he wants all of us to be in commune with one another. When I feel lonely and hurt, I know what to community. The pandemic proved to me and countless other people that we are not made to be isolated! We are not made to stay 6 feet away, masked up, and silent forever. Yes, these are things we are doing because we have to, but it should never be the goal to keep this going after the pandemic. We are made to be in each other's personal space. We are made to see each other's beautiful smiles, and we are made to talk and communicate with one another. We must get back to the physical interactions that make us human! Community is humane. I think of animals and insects, and plants. These living things operate in ecosystems of interdependency, touch, and communication, and so should the human race. I want you to actively and intentionally seek out a community. A group of people who like what you like, or who do what you do, and who is interested in what you are interested in. Let's all seek to strengthen our lives in this way. It is essential to our purpose and peace.


If you know Lakisha, you know I stand behind the power of service. Serving others is cathartic. It is an act that gives both ways, to the one who is serving and the one who is being served. It sounds counterintuitive, but when you feel weak, lonely, and tired, don't fall into a cocoon, but go serve and help someone. THE NEED IS GREAT. We all need help. People who need people are the luckies people in the world. You make think you have nothing to give but I would then disagree with you. If you woke up this morning, you have something to give. Give either your Time, Talent, or Treasure to others. Think about that niece that needs clothes for college, or that homeless person who needs food, or that woman who needs you to call her. Think about others and you will see how you can serve them. It is something that will bring you the confirmation you need. Service to others affirms that you are needed and wanted in this world. What greater confirmation of your humanity is that?


Spirituality is beyond you! Every human must understand that there will always be things that you don't understand. We can't see, taste, or smell spirituality. It is metacognitive, it is Godly, and it is beyond life itself. Usually when I ask my clients about the strength of their spiritually, they talk about attending church. However, that is not my ask. So I will ask you the same questions. When was the last time you sat alone and looked inward? When was the last time you meditated on the bible or on your breathing? When was the last spiritual encounter you've had with God? If it was longer than a day ago you have work to do. You see, the secret to a stronger life is not what you do when others can see you, but what you do when it's just you and God alone. It's what you do when it's just you and your own thoughts and nothing else. When you can sit alone and not feel alone, then you are making progress. Make it a daily routine to tap into your spirituality. I do it every morning. I meditate, write in my gratefulness journal, pray, and write my intentions for the day. When I do this I feel stronger!


TODAY I want you to try one of these secrets. If you need help with any area of your life you have come to the right blog! My name is Lakisha, I am a certified life coach who specializes in life productivity, planning, and peace. If you want to know more about me, my website, my book, Try Success It Won't Bite, and my courses, please visit here: Thanks for reading!

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